Getting a Quote

There are three ways to get a quote.

  1. Make a rough sketch of the countertop you wish to have fabricated. On the sketch add the rough dimensions, backsplash, material and colour. If you haven’t decided on the material or colour, you can check out the Materials & Colour section of our site. Simply fax or email the drawing to us and we’ll gladly send back a quote.
  2. Make a rough sketch and come in to our showroom. We will go through the process of educating and helping you choose a product. Once we have your information we will gladly send you a quote the following business day.
  3. We can come out to your house and give you a quote based on the measurements we take. There is a $100 charge for the visit. If you decide to proceed with the order we will credit you back the $100 on your final invoice.